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Contact person:Mr. Liu

  For create the whole industry chain of industry supplies, The KOGA International set up a wholly-owned holding enterprise KOGA Process in Guangzhou.

       KOGA Process(Guangzhou) with mixing, dispersion, homogenization technology as the core, to develop the design, manufacture, installation chemical equipments as the foundation, in an automated production line planning and design of construction is complementary, gradually developed into a for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, electronic, electroplating, batteries, auto parts industry such as design, manufacture, installation of professional technology of high-quality machinery and equipment manufacturers.

     We can provide you with formaldehyde and all kinds of polyols, resins, adhesives, paint, ink, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, daily chemicals, cosmetics, electronic materials (CCL, FCCL) for industries such as machinery and equipment, mechanical and electrical installation, engineering piping, the instrument control power distribution, the update of the automatic production line and complete set system EPC whole plant equipment output.

      We specialize in designing and manufacturing all kinds of machinery and equipment:
          Mixer,Agitator,High Shear Mixer, Jetstream Mixer;
          Disperser,Emulsion,Homogenization; Air Mixer; Multi-Shaft Mixers, Planetary Mixers;  
          Ribbon-Paddle Blenders, Tumble Blenders, Vertical Blenders, Screw conveyer, tubular conveyor;
          A1,A2,A3 class Pressure vessels, Tower, Tank, Sanitary tank, Store;
          Reactor,mixing tank;High shear dispersing Tank, Dissolving adhesive tank;
         Waste heat boiler, Conderser, Film type evaporator, fractionating tower, Vapour Liquid Separator;
         Auto Liquid Filling machine, Filter, Solid polyester Crusher;
         Lab,Pilot, production type of  Complete Plant of Chemical Equipments
         Environmental protection equipment:Gas washing tower, Solvent separating &recycling Equipments
         Baking oven; steel framed structure
         Bigbag lifting frame and Transport system;
        Gel battery mixing system;
        Gil-Resin fast mixing system;
         Our KOGA Process to enrich the experience can provide you with related projects in Consultation,Design,oversee service of whole plant project in resin, coating, paint, glue, adhesive, FCCL,CCL factory. 
Chemical: Formalin, Polyester polyols;
          PU resins, WPU resins, Epoxy resins, Acrylic resins, Phenolic resins, unsaturated polyester resins, Alkyd resins, UV resins, Rosin resins,etc..       
          Acrylic Glue, Urea glue,PU glue, Phenolic Glue, Chloroprene Adhesives, adhesion agent ,grafted CR adhesive ,PVAC White Emulsion Glue, EVA Hot melt adhesive, API Plate alignment adhesive;
          Fountain solution; Plating solution, electroplate liquid,  Textile auxiliaries;  Amino silicone oil
          Electronic material:Coverlay; 2-Layer or 3-Layer of FCCL,CCL; 2-layer PAA

         KOGA Process with high-quality products, professional technical and after-sale service has been recognized in customers, and become palmary vendors and long-term engineering cooperation partner.